Sunday, April 10, 2011


Good morning... It took me more than a day to get my internet to work in my room so I wasn't able to post anything until now.

It's day two for this Team in Russia. We had a long day and a half travelling from Vancouver and eventually arriving here in Moscow.

Our first flight took us northeast towards Nunavut, then by Greenland, over Iceland before finally making it's way to London. We had about a 7 hour lay over in London on Saturday. So most of the guys took the down time and took the train from Heathrow Airport to the Subway, then they took that right into the heart of London.

Assistant Coach Colin O'Hara had spent some time in London in the past, so he was our tour guide through London and did a fantastic job and taking us around to see Buckingham Palace, Westminister Abby, Big Ben etc.

Then it was back to the airport for our flight to Moscow. We arrived around 5am local time and made our way to where we are staying at the moment which is the Russian Olympic training centre.

The boys skated in the evening on their first night. They skated again this morning, and will have another skate at night.

From what I have heard, the two Russian teams have been fairly impressive looking in practice. So Tim Kehler knows the teams his squad will face will be good.

The weather here is still fairly cool. Right around the freezing mark. There is snow on the ground. And there's been some flakes falling from time to time.

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