Wednesday, April 20, 2011


It was another long day of travelling but the boys landed in Vancouver safe and sound Tuesday night. Everyone is a little jet lagged, but I'm sure everyone quickly made sure to get their first taste of whatever they were craving and missing back home. For me it was a Tim Hortons coffee.

Going back to the game vs. the Russian National team and Jayson Reardon getting jumped by a fan. There is a video of it and it was posted on Deadspin which is a sports entertainment site.

Check it out.


  1. Hello from Russia, escpecially to Colin O'Hara. I'm a member of Ice Palace Vityaz. I promise him, that when I completed a montage of videolip, based on videorecords of Region Centre Cup games, I put a youtube link there. Here is
    This is one of 3 video on each day of tournament. Others will be later...

  2. Thanks for sending these my way. I really appreciate it. Once the rest of the videos are done, keep them coming. I want to put them all on the blog.

  3. I finished the next one videoclip - day two, including the episode with fan on ice. Here is

  4. Are there highlights of the final day of the tournament?

  5. Sorry, not have enough time for it now, it will appear in 2-3 days